Crystal Pool has been engaged in the chemical tanker trade since the early 90ies.

In the beginning our focus was on the trade between Baltic and North Sea ports where we over the

years have built up a regular parcel tanker service with IMO 2 and 3 - type bulk liquid chemicals.

In this trade we transport a wide range of products of different parcel sizes.

Our vessels are strengthened for navigation in ice enabling us to service all Baltic ports even

under the most severe ice conditions. Operating a modern fleet of sophisticated vessels gives us

the means to offer our Customers frequent, flexible and reliable transport services.

Our service is based on a portfolio of Contracts of Affreightment which forms the backbone of our operation.

The contract cargoes are supplemented by an active presence in the spot market.

We specialize in Russian chemicals shipped via Gulf of Finland ports. In this niche we have a dominant market share.

Over the years we have also built up a presence in the deep-sea chemical markets.

We transport on a worldwide basis chemicals, acids, caustic soda, vegetable oils and base oils

to mention a few product groups. All our vessels are equipped with stainless steel tanks giving

us control of a homogenous fleet able to carry even the most aggressive and demanding chemicals.

We are here to serve the Industry - responsibly and with care!